1-Year & Lifetime Warranty

Every piece of Aeroculata’s jewelry comes with different time of warranty that described on the product description and also the warranty card.

Lifetime Warranty

It is valid for any personalize jewelry in 18k Gold-Plated and any pieces in 18k Real Gold. 

One-year Warranty

It is valid for any ready to wear/collection jewelry in 18k Gold-Plated, 9k & 14k Gold.

If you have accidentally scratched or you want your piece repolished and replated, we will repair your jewelry free of charge. Special for 18k Real Gold material, we will cover for your ring resized too. When the warranty is over the time, the service may takes a charge. Follow the instruction below to claim your warranty.

Purchased at our website Aeroculata.com

Login to your account first and choose service.

Purchased at our stockist

You will get the warranty card inside the jewelry box, and you can claim it to our customer service by showing the card. Our Customer Service will help you.