Our Story

Founded by a lovebird, Fenny and Marco, Aeroculata is well known as a highly personalize jewelry brand since 2011 and specialised in jewelry gifting service with wide range of materials to celebrate your special moment and keep love and joy at the heart of every personal piece.

Nine years later, in 2020, we expanding our brand vision to celebrating every single soul from born to every step of life’s milestone, not only for your beloved one, but you too!

We believe that we are unique by His hand and it is a gift to breath in this universe.

We are committed to giving you good quality products and taking care of your piece with our warranty service.

Also, provide you the easiest way to pick the best piece for yourself and creative way to make your gift extraordinary.

The whole world of Aeroculata is inspired by you, our positive community who support each other and build up the soul confidence and dreams. In everyday we read your beautiful message towards our jewelry collection and also writes so many warm and sweet message from you to them as gift, we're extremely grateful for being exist in this industry until today.