Aero Cares

A long time ago, Aero Cares is a longing from Aeroculata's team deepest heart to be a blessing to others in Indonesia. It was just a dream for us, but in June 2019, our founder tried on to join Adopt-A-Child Program from Gen Peduli at Surabaya, and they adopted one child, Dhini. Adopt-A-Child is a program from Gen Peduli to fund education for underprivileged children. A year has passed and everything goes well. It isn't a coincidence that our founder's friend is also a volunteer in Gen Peduli. So, in Mid 2020 during Covid-19 when a most adopted child lost their donors, Aeroculata adopted back five children to continue their educations. We also thank all of you that supported us to make this happened and we hope that this will continue in the future.