9k & 14k Gold Buyback or Resell

Can you repair the 9k and 14k Gold Jewelry?

We accept a repair service such as re-glow, stone settings, and re-plating with this term and conditions:

- Repair service is only accepted for Aeroculata's Jewelry.

- Your 9k & 14k Gold is one year warranty for reparation service, so it's free service. If over a year, it will get charged based on condition.

- Shipping cost in on customer's duty.

Can I resell the jewelry?

Yes, your 9k & 14k gold is buyback and resell acceptably, please allow this condition if you want to resell :

- It must be Aeroculata Jewelry.

- You must send back your invoice and certificate. 

- If under a year you will get 20% off charged of product final price (before shipping cost), and if over a year charge will be based on Aeroculata's policy at that time.

Can I trade-in the jewelry?

Sure, we have some terms and conditions for trade-in.

- Allowed for any 9k & 14k Gold Jewelry.

- You will get a 10% discount on the jewelry that you want to trade-in.

- We do not refund the money if your trade-in jewelry is at a lower price.

- Shipping cost in on customer's duty.

Can I return the jewelry?

Aeroculata provides a money-back guarantee and provides an opportunity for you to make sure the jewelry you get is in line with your expectations with these conditions :

- The exchange applies if the delivery error or damage is done by Aeroculata.

- The exchange is valid for 3 working days from the time the goods are received by the consumer.

Shipping cost in on Aeroculata's duty.

- Consumers have the right to choose for a money-back guarantee or exchange jewelry for new items but are the same model of jewelry.
- Resell does not apply to custom jewelry that has been engraved with names, dates, or initials.