• IDR 419.000

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Description & Details

Elegant piece shimmering in white and red Zirconia stones, embodying Mars, representing action and sturdiness. You can never find a better piece with perfect detailing for your holiday night out look. Inspired by the cosmic and the small elements within. You have the universe in you, have it shown eternaly with our 2020 festive season collection.

Ready Stock.
925 Sterling silver base with Zirconia.
Earrings length is 55 mm.
One-year Warranty.

A warranty card.
Greeting card.
Hard box wrapped with ribbon.
Branded cotton pouch.

The pendant color may wear out over time.
Keep dry all times and way from humidity.
Prevent any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvent).
You can use our warranty service, just send it back to us to repolish for free.
Or you can purchase our cleaning cloth to clean your jewelry at home.

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